About us

About SESF Members:

SESF Members is an initiative that aims to pursue new projects to support SESF's members. As part of this initiative, the Membership Department is reorganizing to put members at center of its activities, and it aims to act as the voice of members, by representing their interest, by making them feeling heard and by creating value for them though projects and its activities.

Our members are doing great things and their passion should drive us! Since day one, I felt that we needed to do something that allowed all of our members, from the newest organisation till the well-established one, to share their stories, connect with others and grow. This idea became SESF Members. Leonardo Gatti, Membership Manager

Some words about this project:

The SESF value come from its members, who motivate our daily work by pursuing their passions, goals, and dreams.

The starting point for this project was a simple interview concept started from a really simple question I asked myself, which was:

"What can I do to allow new admitted members and new organisation to present themselves to the community?"

It didn't make sense to me that new temporary admitted members got the chance to present themselves only at the General Assembly (GA), the very same day they will know if the GA accept them as full member. I came up with the idea of some simple text interviews, that allowed to know better what the new members were up to.

It was only later when I discussed the concept in a team meeting, that Stephan came up with some new ideas, such as the one of collecting the interviews in a mini site. Together, we developed and created the concept for the SESF Members minisite that you are seeing today.

We believe that this project can be beneficial as it aim to increase knowledge of the Swiss Esports organisations, by giving them a space to present their work and highlight their strengths, and to provide learning opportunities to other organisations and future organisations as well. The latter point is particularly interesting, as we know that many have doubts or questions on how to run or start their organisation. We want to create value for our members as well, and we believe that this project can increase their audience, allow them to grow, find more players and, why not, find new sponsoring opportunities.

From the very first interview, I was thrilled on hearing members stories, see how different people think and manage to pursue their dreams, and personally I can't wait to read the next.

Even though Switzerland is a relatively small country, we are a really diverse one, even from a language perspective, and I believe that we can really benefit from our diversity even in our federation. In fact, every single member is different and have a different perspective on esports, which can provide some useful point of discussion.

I want to thank you all for making all of these possible, and for your support to the Swiss esports scene.

Stay tuned as many other interviews will come!

Leonardo Gatti