Raffaele LangoneFounder and Sporting Director

The CS 1.6 pro player who stepped down from the scene. The former pro player who founded an esport team. The esports team who wants to conquer the stage. Learn more about Virtualetix and their goals!

Location Zurich
Date May 27, 2020

How did you first start to get involved in esports?

Some of you might remember me as N0vA, the one who started with Counter-Strike 1.5 and competed in Counter-Strike 1.6 between 2003 and 2010. I have led and founded teams like dreampLay and dakoon. At the time, I used to play in LANs when Maniac was still playing for ARTLEZ... After 2010, with the ending era of Counter-Strike 1.6, I decided to retire from my competitive career and focus on my studies and work life. 8 years later, after organising a private retro LAN party for a business event in December 2018, I was inspired to boot up an esports organisation to help bring Counter-Strike back to life and support the spirit of esports in Switzerland.

vtx csgo team roster1 front
Virtualetix team roaster

What is your organisation name and when was it created?

The idea of having a place for virtual athletes in the form of an esports organisation was born as “virtualetix” on the 23th of March 2019.

Main goal: Build from scratch one of the strongest Swiss Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams

What are your organisation’s current goals?

Main goal: Build from scratch one of the strongest Swiss Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams with new Swiss talents and experienced former teammates in order to get among the top teams in Switzerland by the end of 2020. Commercial goal: Sign in 2020 one main sponsor to finance the project.

Do you have any achievements that make you proud?

Our one year old esports organisation with a core Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team could already put one or two achievements on the record, like entering the Swiss Esports League challenger division, winning almost 7 ESEA games in a row, placing 2nd in our 99Damage open division group and the recent 3rd place at the EEvent 14. All thanks to a strong Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster and its great team performance.

vtx csgo team roster2 back
Virtualetix team roaster

What are your objectives and expectations as a member of the Swiss Esports Federation?

In a role of social responsibility, I am committed to contribute to a healthy, functioning and stable esports ecosystem. I have some ideas and points in my agenda to help develop esports. But first, I want to get to know the members and the goals of the federation, before coming up with new ideas or reinventing the wheel. In which games are you currently competing? Which leagues and tournaments are you involved in? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Swiss Esports League, 99Damage, ESEA and the tournaments of EEvent 15, SwitzerLAN; Rocket League in SESL

Which games would you love to add in the future?

Currently, we are looking around passively and focusing on Counter-Strike. But we have also some ongoing work for Valorant 😉.

Are you currently recruiting?

Yes, any kind of support: content creators, managers, coaches, players are welcome!

vtx switzerlan csgo team playing small edt
Virtualetix team roaster

Lastly, tell us why you will succeed in your goals and what makes you special!

Lastly, tell us why you will succeed in your goals and what makes you special! Esports has always been my passion. Many years ago, I had the dream to become a professional gamer. Back then, there were no financial means to make it real in Switzerland and the biggest community being in Counter-Strike was finally splitting up between Counter-Strike 1.6, Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Source. Now, in an era of a reunified Counter-Strike player base and an attention shift from regular sports to esports, it is my duty, as a former competitive gamer of the 1st esports generation and as a professional, to help the dream of current and future generations become real. In fact, we have founded our first team competing in CS:GO and we will shortly announce our second game. This is the desire running in the purple blood of virtualetix.