The Beating Heart of Our Federation

Learn more about our members, their projects and what drives them to follow their dreams! Here, you will find some interviews with the greatest esports organisations in Switzerland and you will have the opportunity to learn more about the Swiss esports scene.


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ArcticGaming, established in 2015, is an organisation with passion, dedication and coolness. Despite their heart for their community, they constantly push their teams and academy program for competitiveness. When ArcticGaming isn't focussed on creating events for the community, or pushing the team's boundaries, they are most likely found creating memes and having fun with community members and members of the Swiss esport scene in general. Interested in the #arcticFamily? Click the link below

Scythe of Seraph

Esport Team

Scythe of Seraph aka. SOS was founded in 2018 from a CS:GO community that roots back to 2015. As the infamous "One Punch Man" from the same-named Anime, they work hard and relentlessly to move the boundaries of Swiss eSports! Their german speaking community of around 50 members is always up for fun and creates interesting events regularly. Learn more about SOS in the interview below!


Esport Team

BLACKBIRDS playing until the dead of night! They want to grow their community and start to fly! Worldwide! They were only waiting for the right moment to arise! Learn more about BLACKBIRDS and their mixture of gaming, design and music to be UNIQUE!

Erupt AG

Esport BarEvent OrganizerEsports Team

Erupt eSports became active and their tournaments and events are flowing to heat up the Bern esport community! Learn more about their activities and their focus on the social aspects of gaming!


Esport Team

The CS 1.6 pro player who stepped down from the scene. The former pro player who founded an esport team. The esports team who wants to conquer the stage. Learn more about Virtualetix and their goals!