Scythe of Seraph

Scythe of Seraph
Tobias Zischler (zischler)Organisation Manager & President

Scythe of Seraph aka. SOS was founded in 2018 from a CS:GO community that roots back to 2015. As the infamous "One Punch Man" from the same-named Anime, they work hard and relentlessly to move the boundaries of Swiss eSports! Their german speaking community of around 50 members is always up for fun and creates interesting events regularly. Learn more about SOS in the interview below!

Location Reinach
Date January 18, 2021
eEvent Arbon 2019
eEvent Arbon 2019

What is your team/organization/community’s name and when was it established?

Scythe of Seraph aka. SOS was founded in 2018 from a CS:GO community that roots back to 2015.

What are your team/organization/community’s current goals and aspirations?

We aim to build a cool community where everyone is welcome and where we can help the players develop so they can reach their goals. We also focus on content and events to give the whole swiss esports community something entertaining and fun. Our organization is trying to develop various community hubs in Switzerland and Germany for their members to meet and have fun in real life too.

Do you have any achievements you are proud of?

Yes, we’re proud that we’ve had - and still have - so many amazing players. Some achievements we’ve got were with Karpador64 getting 2nd place in Switzerland for the 2nd 2019 Smash Season, our Hearthstone Lineup winning the KFStone Team tournament in August 2020 and also our Hearthstone Player Crasher winning the SEL Spring Season in 2020.

How would you describe your community/members/organization in three words?

Fun, Wide-spread, Content-driven

If your organization was a famous character from a movie or a series who would you be and why?

Saitama aka. One Punch Man. We do the hard work, try to move the boundaries of Swiss esports and win tournaments without being one of the biggest players.

Do you have or can you think of an advertising slogan for your organisation?

We don’t really have one, but I think something along the lines of: “We bring swiss esports to the next level.”

Where do you see your organization in 3-5 years’ time?

Being one of the biggest Swiss and German esport communities. We will have more games and players covered from a wide range of skill levels. Our aim is to be the grass-roots organization to go to.

Karpador Orcus Smash 4
Karpador Orcus Smash 4

Team specific:

In which games do you have teams or are you currently competing? Which leagues and tournaments are you involved in?

The games we compete in: Hearthstone, Smash, Tekken, VALORANT, Rainbow 6 Siege We compete in SEL leagues and tournaments, for example the SEL Hearthstone seasons or the SEL VALORANT Community cups. We also compete in many Smash and Tekken tournaments. The Rainbow 6 Siege team is preparing to compete in a German league.

Which games would you like to add in the future?

We would love to get CS:GO and League of Legends back. We probably also will in the near future with some fun teams. 😉 Some other games we are interested in for a long time already are DotA 2 and Rocket League.

Are you currently recruiting?

We are recruiting in all possible games. If you want to be a part of SOS, go to our website and fill in the membership application form and let’s have a talk.

Switzelan 2019 Group
Switzelan 2019 Group

Event organizer specific:

Which events did you organize so far? Share some of your success and main challenges.

We organized many Smash tournaments, namely the “Orcus”-Smash tournaments at the ManaBar. Those have been a great success and we will surely have more of them in the future after Corona. We also organized some other tournaments that weren’t so successful, because the player base wasn’t big enough to motivate many to go to our tournament. Some other events we organized were workshops and webinars to give knowledge to the esports community with awesome speakers like Darius Matuschak from Schalke 04 Esports.

What was the most memorable moment for you so far?

There were so many, it’s hard to pick one. A very memorable one to me was when we organized our first “Orcus”-Smash tournament at the ManaBar and our own Smash player Karpador64 won the tournament.

Do you have any upcoming events?

We will continue with offline events after the Corona pandemic. In the meantime we have some fun streams.

Are you looking for any help on these projects?

We are always looking for help! Some help in organizing tournaments in other games or also for our Smash tournaments would be appreciated, like managing the stream.

Switzelan 2019 Members
Switzelan 2019 Members

Community specific:

Tell us more about your community, how many members do you have? Where are they from?

We are a german-speaking community with around 50 active members. We are spread over Switzerland and Germany, the main hubs being: Basel, Berne, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.

Which games do you cover as a community?

All of the games mentioned above as well as League of Legends, CS:GO, and of course trending party games like Among Us. What are your main activities and on-going projects at the moment? We are building up a streaming team from our members, which can then also stream together for some projects. Behind the scenes we are also planning some cool community events like a scavenger hunt.

Are you looking for any help on these projects, or are you currently recruiting?

Yes, we are always looking for help developing our community! I’m especially looking for someone that wants to help manage the stream team and plan projects with them.

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